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Being a full time caregiver has its challenges. Lack of sleep. Lack of personal time. Occasional lack of sanity. Still, I am fortunate. My mother is easy to love. At 98 yrs. old, she’s less than 5 feet tall; weighs 110 pounds; wears her wavy white hair cropped short;...

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I’ve been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique for over forty years. I meditate once in the morning upon rising and again in the late afternoon or early evening before dinner. When I first began, I meditated for twenty minutes twice a day....

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Honoring is a key ingredient to successful communication, a pivotal part of any successful relationship. When we honor someone, it means we honor their experience. That means our attention is on what they’re saying and how they’re feeling  as opposed to...

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Psychic Whispers

I am alone in my home office when I hear the words, “Contact the teacher.” An inner voice, like someone is in my head. I take a slow, deep breath. To my left, a wall of windows faces a small lake. Loud duck squawks and birdsong filter in through an open...

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Invitation for Writers

  I am compiling stories for my client Bob Danzig's upcoming anthology entitled, "From the VALLEY of CHALLENGE to the VICTORY of CONQUEST." The objective is to illustrate how real change can happen and offer readers affirming self-talk to support and...

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There is a powerful Croation healer named Braco who radiates pure love by gazing on a crowd. I have seen grown men cry in his precense. Braco does not speak. He has touched millions of people around the world with his silent gaze. Many experience healings, both...

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