The Power of Being Human

“You are a valuable, lovable, deserving being.
If you believe otherwise, the flaw is in your thinking, not in you.”
– Kira Rosner, The Power of Being Human

The Power of Being Human brings home two important points: Human beings are innately powerful, and our lives are a reflection of how we direct that power. With light banter and easy-to-understand prose, this friendly guide to self-empowerment sweetens the idea that many of us repress our power instead of expressing it. What’s the remedy? A healing technique that integrates three of the most potent forces in the universe.

Book Excerpt

“During our formative years, which fall somewhere between inception and a hundred years of age, life touches us in many ways. Those touches leave impressions, similar to a handprint leaving an impression in soft clay.

A belief is a learned, repetitive thinking pattern seeded by experiences which impressed us strongly. We are guided by our beliefs. In essence, we parent ourselves by taking impressions from the past and projecting them into the present.

When those impressions uphold our self-esteem, it is a reliable system. When they have us believing we are anything less than the fully deserving beings we are, we may find ourselves making choices that jeopardize our chance at happiness. Why? Because we are inclined to fulfill our own prophesies. Hence, our lives begin doing a pretty good imitation of what we believe about ourselves.

Let’s visit Unloved in her new apartment and see this theory in action. Unloved is unpacking with her front door ajar when her neighbor stops by and says, “Hi, welcome to the building.” Unloved replies with a cursory nod, then goes back to unpacking, suspecting the neighbor of having ulterior motives.

Wouldn’t Unloved like to make a new friend? Sure she would. And doesn’t she yearn for human companionship? Sure she does. Then, why reject a chance to get acquainted with her new neighbor? The past has shown Unloved that opening herself to others paves the way for disappointment. She refutes the neighbor’s welcome the same way ancient warriors held up shields to repel arrows.

Hold on a minute! The neighbor is not shooting any arrows! All she’s doing is making a cordial gesture. So, what is Unloved trying to protect herself from? Unloved’s response has more to do with her internal dialogue than it does with the actual neighbor. A dialogue informing her that the world is an unsafe place, a belief she inevitably projects into every relationship she has.

Why? Because our beliefs color the way we interpret the world around us. When they’re negative, there is no telling what mischief they’ll get us into. Look how Unloved mistook a benevolent gesture for a potential threat! Negative beliefs distort the truth and challenge our ability to see clearly.”

© The Power of Being Human

What Readers Say

“The Power of Being Human by Kira Rosner touches us with a deep truth which everyone can relate to. Opening her heart to trust and love has helped Ms. Rosner in her life, and she shares her journey with vivid honesty.”
–LOUISE HAY, Author of You Can Heal Your Body & Empowering Women

“Reading this book was certainly Chicken Soup for My Soul! Full of insight and wisdom for healing and growth.”
– MARCI SHIMOFF, Author of Happy for No Reason” Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“Kira’s words reach into the heart and soul of all people. Her simplicity adds depth and meaning to our lives. A beautiful expression of growth and creation.”
–DEBBIE ROSAS & CARLOS AYAROSAS, Authors of The Nia Technique

“Practical heartwarming wisdom to soothe the soul.”
–WINALEE ZEEB, Author of Expanding Heartsongs CD & Yoga @ Play DVD

“Kira Rosner’s pearls of wisdom come straight from her heart to yours. they will help you break familiar old patterns which lead to isolation, disease, depression, and dysfunction and guide you to the healing power of knowing, trusting, and being yourself. I recommend this book to all my clients as they journey towards wellness!”
–DEBORAH KERN, Author of Everyday Wellness for Woman

“Kira Rosner reveals the key to living the life you truly want, here and now. With com-passion and insight she unlocks the doors to feeling inner strength, expressing passion, and connecting deeply with others.”
–ANTHONY LAWLOR, Author of A Temple in the House & Home for the Soul

“Kira Rosner draws upon her experience to enliven the relationship between heart, mind and body, explaining to the reader how the secret to true happiness is not in becoming more powerful, but recognizing just how powerful we already are. Rosner’s blend of psychology and self-help advocacy is an informative survey of the power of human being, repression, believing, judgment, fear, reflection, listening, awareness, acceptance, love, choice, the mind, and desire. She speaks to power divided and harnessing the power within. The Power Of Being Human is highly rewarding reading.”

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