Recently, someone I love dearly was getting ready to transition. Even with my intimate knowledge of the soul’s longevity, it was tender.

Although he was with his family in Hospice in another state, I could see him. Not on Skype or What’s Up. I could see his energy field in my awareness. Almost like looking through a window, except without the glass. That is the reason for this post. I wanted to tell you what I saw.

All around the outside of his body there was a low simmering flame. That told me his physical energy was dwindling, as he readied to retire from this earthly realm.

There was more. I also saw a flame inside of him. A strong, radiant, unwavering, steady flame. That’s his soul, which is not dependent on his physicality and has its own powerful life force.

I found that affirming. We tend to think of people who are approaching death as being weak or perhaps sickly or injured, but our physical perception of reality is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Our loved ones are not their bodies anymore than we are our bodies. We are souls, temporarily aligned with physical forms in order to have a human experience. When those bodies no longer serve us, our souls depart and return to their/our spiritual home. A blessed and reverent event more beautiful than a sunrise.