For years I’ve felt a compelling eagerness to rush to my computer every morning. Hours passed like minutes, weeks like days, years like months, as I wrote several books at once. First, is an eco-friendly reprint of my first book, The Power of Being Human, a guide to self-empowerment. When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief is a heartfelt book on understanding death with emphasis on the longevity of the soul. Taking the Longing Out of Belonging is a metaphysical dialogue with my soul about awakening.

(I am currently doing a revision of each and will let you know when the new versions and eBooks are available.)

My next two books are in process. The fourth may morph into two books: one on the mechanics of experience, the other on the mechanics of relationship. By mechanics, I’m referring to what goes on under the hood of our human engines. The fifth is a compilation of main points from all of my books combined. That one is writing itself.

Having vision is not something I’ve felt inclined to publicize, but this is no longer about me. It’s about sharing what I see to help others recognize their strengths, recognize that we create the lives we live with every thought, word, and action.

In retrospect, I see how my own choices led me to where I am and how meditating twice a day for over four decades opened my eyes to the subtle dynamics of creation. As I say in the introduction to my current work in progress, I was schooled in silence.

Some think of silence as the absence of sound. The silence I refer to isn’t about lack or emptiness. It is about abundance, and fullness and the intimate connection between our individual awareness and a universal awareness.

Does one have to meditate in order to have a cognitive experience of the unity underlying diversity? I have found meditation to be an effective way of getting out of the way. It has enhanced my vision, and I am hoping my insights will benefit you as well.

How? By helping you recognize the truth. We are living exponents of all that is sacred.