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What happens when we die?

When your breath comes to rest, your soul will gently disengage from from your body with your life force fully intact. You will return to your spiritual home, where you will be lovingly received and reunited with souls who departed before you. Death is not the absence of life. It is merely the absence of the physical form.” – Kira Rosner, When Souls Take Flight

What readers say…

We all deal with death and dying differently. I believe Kira’s way of dealing with the loss of her father was writing this book. When Souls Take Flight is a gret gift for anyone dealing with the process of transition. Whether you are in the beginning, middle, or end of the process, this book will prove to be a great read and uplifting gift.
author of Saved by the Light & Secrets of the Light

 Dear Friends,

I am currently finalizing revisions for all three of my books. Please wait before purchasing so you can get the updated versions. I will inform you once they are on Amazon. I will also provide several dates you will be able to get the eBooks (not yet available) for free. 

In the meantime, if you are facing the passing of someone dear to you, try to be gentle with yourself. I assure you with everything I know to be true that your dear one is in loving arms, and his or her soul is as alive as yours is.

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