“Our souls are lit from within, and that light is a spark of divinity shining through us.
 Kira Rosner, When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief

When Souls Take Flight


What happens when we die? 

“When your breath comes to rest, your soul will gently disengage from your body with your life force fully intact. You will return to your spiritual home, where you will be lovingly received and reunited with souls who departed before you. Death is not the absence of life. It is merely the absence of the physical form.”



Books by Kira Rosner

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“We all deal with death and dying differently. I believe Kira’s way of dealing with the loss of her father was writing this book. When Souls Take Flight is a great gift for anyone dealing with the process of transition. Whether you are in the beginning, middle, or end of the process, this book will prove to be a great read and an uplifting gift.”
author of Saved by the Light & The Secrets of the Light

Taking the Longing Out of Belonging is a profoundly insightful, wise, inspired, and important book. Rarely have I read a work, which so poetically cuts right to the subtle substratum of our divine existence, and effortlessly exposes the reader to their own miraculous being. This is a book, which speaks to our world with an essential voice. Thank you Kira. Your efforts are tremendously worthy.”
– JACK HAAS, author of
OM Baby, A Pilgrimage to the Eternal Self and In and Of: Memoirs of a Mystic Journey

The Power of Being Human by Kira Rosner touches us with a deep truth which everyone can relate to. Opening her heart to trust and love has helped Ms. Rosner in her life, and she shares her journey with vivid honesty.”
–LOUISE HAY, Author of You Can Heal Your Body & Empowering Women