Fav Website Hosting

I host with Siteground. They offer comprehensive services at great prices. For me, the element that inspires confidence is customer service and theirs is excellent. Just click on the link.

Web Hosting

Fav WordPress Themes

I built this website using the DIvi WordPress Theme, part of Elegant Themes. I also built my friend Reshma’s website with the Divi theme. (www.reshmasrivastava.com) At first I got a a one month membership to Elegant Themes. Within hours I purchased a Lifetime Membership.The creativity and daily flow of ideas in this international group of website wizards is outstanding.

Fav Divi WordPress Tech Help on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great resource for technical help online. Sign up for a free account. I work with a competent Tech Expert in Bahrain who quickly and easily solved several technical issues on  websites I’ve built. The link to his fiverr account is on the home page of his website: https://yourtechexpert.online

Fav Video Design Program

Animoto is the easy-to-use program where I made the short videos on the home page and where anyone can make great looking podcasts in minutes. Just upload photos, write text, choose music and a design, and presto! You are a film maker! For details: www.animoto.com

Fav Free Images Online

Thank you to the talented artists and gifted photographers and dynamic staff at http://www.pixabay.com for allowing me to display their beautiful images on my website and blog!

Fav Homeopathic HGH Gel

Recently, I was intuitively guided to try a FDA Registered, Over-the-Counter, Homepathic HGH product which is applied through the skin.

Benefits very, but I felt a difference right away. Feels like someone hit the reset button on my 67-year-old physiology!

Hear More: https://www.getonthegel.com/
Buy Now:   http://www.newulife.com/kirarosner

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER:  I enjoy sharing resources but only recommend services I use myself. I am currently an affiliate for Siteground my favorite website host Siteground and Elegant Themes for their beautiful Divi wordpress theme.