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Invitation for Writers

Invitation for Writers I am compiling stories for my client Bob Danzig’s upcoming anthology entitled, “From the VALLEY of CHALLENGE to the VICTORY of CONQUEST.” The objective is to illustrate how real change can happen and offer readers affirming “self-talk” to support and empower their life choices. Would you or someone you know like to contribute a story about the “pivotal moment” you moved from challenge to conquest and the events surrounding your experience? You are also welcome to include your...
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Soul to Soul There is a difference between what we believe is true and what we know is true. The difference is where that information originates. Where do beliefs originate? Generally speaking, our beliefs are repetitive thoughts that reflect what experience has taught us. When we believe something, we tend to follow the same mental highway and arrive at the same destination. However, beliefs can change in an instant. It’s the nature of believing; it’s transient. Where does what we-know-is-true...
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Our Souls Know

Soul-Discovery My father was a funny, charming British lad who retained a playful, youthful attitude his entire life. He and I were very close. We actually traveled to India together twice when he was approaching 80 yrs. And when his health declined rapidly from cancer, my mother and brother and I devoted ourselves to his care at home. I never thought about becoming a nurse, but I was one then. I only mention this to illustrate the bond he and...
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