This page will soon feature more products and services I use myself, either personally or professionally. Affiliate programs are free to join and provide an additional source of income. Their use requires a disclaimer such as the one in the footer that states that the website owner may receive compensation for referrals.

I anticipate signing up for (1) amazon, (2) the ulitmateazontheme, a wordpress theme which offers great features for building amazon affiliate sites, and (3) animoto, where anyone can make great looking podcasts in minutes


affiliate_linkIPAGE HOSTING
There are many hosting services to choose from. I like iPage because they have exceptional customer service. Their compensation for a referral is $108. I asked them how they can afford to be so generous. They said that once they get a customer, they generally stay with them.


I began using bookbaby’s distribution services for eBooks for myself and clients, but now there services have increased and include print books too. I suggest you call to see if they can serve your needs.

I love this service. Just upload photos, write text, choose music and a design, and presto! You are a film maker!