For the past ten years, I’ve felt a compelling eagerness to rush to my computer every morning and write. Hours passed like minutes, weeks like days, years like months. I’ve written several books at once, taught myself graphic design and web design, and began consulting for other authors.

When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief is a heartfelt book on understanding death with emphasis on the longevity of the soul. Taking the Longing Out of Belonging is a metaphysical dialogue with my soul about awakening. Third, is an eco-friendly reprint of my first book about self-empowerment, The Power of Being HumanI am currently doing a revision of each and will let you know when the new versions and eBooks are available. Read more… 

On Death and Dying: When we die, our souls depart with our life force intact. We return home to a place where love is never lost. Where the presence of those we cherish is greater than their absence. Where we surrender our judgment and remember our willingness to grow. Where the bigger picture is the only picture. Where we effortlessly recognize ourselves as children of the divine. #soulsliveon #loveneverdies #forevertruths. Visit @copingwithdeath on TwitterFacebook