Human Growth Hormone

Dear friends, I was intuitively guided to try a FDA registered Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Gel and decided to share the benefits. Results vary but mine were immediate. The first day I applied the HGH Gel my sugar cravings changed to vegetable cravings.The first week I lost five pounds and a persistent skin irritation healed. It’s now week 5. Still craving vegies, find myself drinking more water, my skin is more bouncy, I’m sleeping less and my thinking is clearer.

What the Homeopathic HGH Gel seems to do is allow the body’s innate wisdom to start to re-balance and heal itself.

The trustworthy friend who introduced me to this product said, “I’ve never experienced one product that impacted my overall well-being the way this has.” Now, I hear myself saying that same thing.


* The gel is “Transdermal.” That means no more pills. You apply a small amount directly to the skin at specific points.

* Experiences differ. The most common benefits I’ve heard about are increased energy and endurance and improved sleep. People who have used the product longer report a variety of additional benefits. I feel like someone hit the reset button on my physiology.

• The general suggestion is to use the gel for 2-3 months before expecting results and to commit to drinking a healthy amount of water at the same time. However, many users notice significant improvements before that time. I did and so have several of my friends.

• Some basics: You can purchase the HGH Gel as a Customer or as a Distributor. As I customer, it is more economical to purchase on Autopay. Each bottle lasts for two months, so you can sign up to receive the gel every other month. As a distributor, there is an additional yearly fee of $59, which opens the door to a business opportunity where you can easily have your product paid for by sharing the benefits with others. In order to make commissions, you will need to purchase a bottle monthly.

• If you are ready to try this homeopathic HGH Gel or you have any questions, please email me ( so we can set up a time to talk and I can answer any questions you may have.