Since the release of When Souls Take Flight: Coping with Grief, I have been approached by people grieving over the loss of a relationship. When Souls Take Flight is primarily about understanding the longevity of the soul to help soothe the grief associated with loss. When you are suffering after the end of a relationship, it requires help specific to your experience.

The one person I feel comfortable recommending at a time like this is my brother Michael because I’ve seen him facilitate dramatic shifts where people go from feeling emotionally depleted to feeling empowered and energized. He is compassionate, kind, and divinely guided to help alleviate suffering.

If you are willing and ready to move forward in your life with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment , I recommend you email Michael to book a phone appointment. He works in person and over the phone so distance is not an issue.

In his words… “I experienced a profound awakening for which I am eternally grateful. My healing work evolved out of this transformation. What I do is custom tailored to each person as it comes from intuition. My main focus is to help others live in a state free from suffering. My work is gentle, loving, and non-invasive. We have all suffered enough. This is our time to be free.“ Michael