“You and I are stewards for this sacred triad of heart, mind, and body. Will you look beyond the peel to the fruit, where our soul and body renew their vows, promising to love, honor, and cherish one another in luminescent shades of synergy? Imagine
bringing your well of being with you so feeling good is not dependent of outside circumstances. Yes, imagine.”
– Kira Rosner, Taking the Longing Out of Belonging

An Excerpt: Taking the Longing Out of Belonging

From my private observation tower, I see the landscape of the mind as it multitasks with extreme precision. A circus with more rings than I can count.

I see the five senses rushing back and forth, busily receiving input for the mind to process. One minute they are gathering data from the physical environment. In a flash, they are back reporting what they have sensed to the professor of perception, who confers with our memory files to arrive at an interpretation or context.

There’s more! Definition is not confirmed without our belief committee, who gives the final stamp of approval or disapproval. So what we see is not only what we see; it’s what we believe we see.

I see the pool of plenty, home to the imagination, filled with colors swirling together, arranging and rearranging dreams as they are dreamt.

I see choice sitting upon her regal throne, observing all that lies before her the way an empress oversees her subjects. Intention waits close by, ready to rush to the side of any purpose.

On closer observation Choice appears to have a cell phone at each ear and is busy conversing with the heart and body simultaneously. Apparently the mind stays in close contact with both.

The soul, whose presence is sparkling, is attempting to speak through the heart in the hopes that someone is listening. Since it is my mind I am observing, I suppose that someone would be me.

Are you surprised I can hear the soul speaking through the heart when I am observing the mind? I am, too.

Now, this is unexpected. I see senses emanating from the soul. It’s feeling, and hearing, and seeing, and smelling, and tasting. Evidently, our corporeal body has physical senses and our spiritual body has metaphysical senses.

Meta means beyond. Metaphysical means beyond the physical. If souls can sense beyond the physical, there must be something beyond the physical to sense!

Is that what seers do? Are they busy mining for gold while the rest of us are out jewelry shopping?

© Taking the Longing Out of Belonging

What Readers Say

Taking the Longing Out of Belonging is a profoundly insightful, wise, inspired, and important book. Rarely have I read a work, which so poetically cuts right to the subtle substratum of our divine existence, and effortlessly exposes the reader to their own miraculous being. This is a book, which speaks to our world with an essential voice, right here, right now. Thank you Kira. Your efforts are tremendously worthy.
JACK HAAS, Author of
OM Baby, A Pilgrimage to the Eternal Self and In and Of: Memoirs of a Mystic Journey

Taking the Longing Out of Belonging is refreshingly unhinged, animated, ticklish, muse-like, and dreamy all at the same time.
KATHY LEO, Author of
Co-Creation with the Goddess and Remembering Our Ancestors

In this delicious and insightful book, each word is carefully chosen with the hand of a poet and the keen eye of a mystic. Kira’s clarity and wisdom will guide you to the heartbeat of your own authentic rhythm.
DAWN LIANNA, Author of
The 8 Keys to Powerful Intuition and Contact Your Angels Now

Taking the Longing Out of Belonging conveys a deep understanding of the mechanics of consciousness. The book is witty, endearing, precise, articulate, dreamy, and strong. Kira chit-chats about the afterlife and reincarnation with such every day-ness. Genuine experience is the only way someone could capture these profound dynamics, yet convey them so naturally. Overall, an entertaining and insightful read!

Professor of English, Poet, and Member of the Movement Artists Ensemble
Hear Pianta read her poem Natural Law:

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Meet the Artist

“My art is about the beauty of the natural world. The delicacy of a flower’s bloom. A seashell.
A patch of sunlight on sparkling waters. Beauty that is seen and unseen, but felt in the depths of the heart.”
–TERRENCE L. KENNEDY, Photographer and Artist

Terrence Kennedy is the gifted artist whose divinely-inspired work is featured in, Taking the Longing Out of Belonging. For Terrence, art is a bridge between his artistic and spiritual interests, allowing him to share his most heartfelt and cherished visions. In this way, he hopes some essence of celestial beauty will emerge from each piece and be enlivened within the heart of every viewer.

The only misfortune is that the book interior is black and white. They are still beautiful, but translating these glorious images into black and white barely does them justice.

Visit Terrence’s Etsy Store Higher Essence and flll your walls with these rich, majestic, colorful works of art!